Monday, September 21, 2009

Texting While Driving?!? No Thnx!!!

I am all about efficiency. I love to-do lists, organized events, and structured days. As often as I can, I like to double-up on tasks:

• Reading a book while rocking little Bradley to sleep,
• Blogging while watching our little boy (like I'm doing right now),
• Texting while using the washroom (hey, at least I'm admitting it!!!).

Though not an exhaustive list, there is one thing I will never again double-up on: text messaging while driving (when I have any family members in the car). I used to do this, in the name of maximizing productive output; in this case blending transportation and communication. But for two main reasons, I now refuse to do this.

The first reason is because of safety. I have heard of friends getting into fender benders because they were trying to text while on the road. I myself rear-ended someone around 2004 because I took my eyes off the road, if even for a split second or two.

A video has recently been released which tries to spread the message regarding the dangers of texting while driving. I was taken aback by its graphic nature, a stance which has produced some debate, questioning whether it's too much. So with that warning, here it is:

The other reason, as if that last one isn't enough, is becuase of the law. This past month, the Ontario Government put Bill 118 into effect, which will hand out a $500 fine to whoever's caught driving while using (or even holding) a wireless communication device, or other hand-held driver distractors. Find the complete text of the bill here.

So even though I like to squeeze every last drop of available time during a day being productive, you won't find me doubling-up by texting and driving. It's just not worth it.

What about you? Do you text while driving? I know of someone who can text without even looking at the screen...I wonder if the new law will affect this person's habbit.
Do you have any other awesome double-ups?


  1. I used to text while driving, until I watched that video a month ago...scary eh?? Unreal, super graphic but definitely not over the top. People need to realize that there are actual consequences, life and death. Not everyone gets out with a lucky fender bender.

    Good post!

  2. Woah...even with a Blackberry you don't text?
    Well done, Steph!

    I definitely don't think it's over the top either. Video games are sold in the millions that have graphic and inappropriate content, and then people get upset when a graphic video with good intentions comes out?!?